Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Jesus Trail 2016 Day 1

Today I began a journey that's been on my bucket list for quite some time. I'm walking the Jesus Trail from Nazareth to Capernaum. Now I have to admit that I will not complete the full 40 miles or so, but there is good reason for that. The most important part is that I will be walking along the road that Jesus himself walked along often. I'll be sitting in the shade, considering my past, present, and future in ministry, I'll be sharing with others who are walking with me, and I'll have an opportunity to teach in a very similar fashion to how Jesus taught his disciples.

We left our hotel in Jerusalem and traveled the hour or so by bus to Nazareth to settle into our new hotel, the Golden Crown in downtown. Outside my window the Church of the Annunciation is clearly seen. After a quick turn around, we walked out of the hotel and began the hike. 

Starting in Sepphoris, we headed toward Cana along the ancient Roman road. It was hot, around 90 today, but there was ample shade we could stop under for a breather. We walked nearly 6 miles today past both new and old fields of olive trees, new pine forest, ancient rock formations and modern towns. 

When I first booked this extension, I expected some younger fellow travelers. Instead, I've been blessed with my Mother and Father in Law, once removed, and her brother and his wife. (That's my brother, Chad's wife, Rebecca's parents, Richard and Karlene, and her brother and his wife, Steve and Kathy.) I just called them family. While they may have slowed our pace at times, they have inspired me. Karlene is 76, had several recent health issues including open heart surgery, and is keeping up with us very well (and in fact, sometimes, leading us!). This group has made us shorten the days a bit, but we'll still get to to experience the Jesus Trail and it's key sites along the way.

Today was a start, and a test. Tomorrow, we begin to see the real trail and its features, and challenges. 

Peace from Nazareth ><>

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